Monday, 11 February 2013

The 'impatient one'


So as I have mentioned previously, I am 'the impatient one' in our trio of happy hookers.

The reason I am 'the impatient one' is kind of self explanatory. This is in juxtaposition with the hobby of crocheting and knitting, which is the art of patience. It is not just when crocheting or knitting but when I'm doing anything like reading.

I literally can not wait to finish anything: I need to finish a project, I need to finish a season of episodes, I need to finish the story.

I zone out when crocheting, the house can fall to rack and ruin, people can have entire conversations at me. I need to see the completed project, I am single minded in my determination to complete my project.

Here's one I made earlier.

I love crochet.

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