Sunday, 17 February 2013



Another important thing to have is a comfortable chair and a cup of tea. Not really but I like it. So get comfortable and relax, this is supposed to be fun.

One of the first problems I encountered when learning how to crochet was that I was just too tense and I had no idea how to hold to wool or crochet hook. So before you start creating, I recommend have a little practice. It is all a matter of personal preference and find what works best for you. I like to Hold the crochet hook like you would a pen or pencil, go on try it!

Imagine your a conductor of an orchestra and swish that hook, use it to spell your name in the air or cast a Harry potter esque patronus. Make s shapes with your wrist, as this mimics the motion of crochet. Do you feel comfortable? If not try holding the hook in another way.

When it came holding the wool I will admit I had to youtube how people held it but I found that by wrapping it around my fingers I got into an awful tangle and this is not conducive to a relaxing experience. So I just hold the wool between the index and middle finger of my left hand this allows me to hold my work at the same time.

Please excuse the picture, as both of my hands are currently busy I had to use my nose, yes my nose! To press the capture button on my iPad. Now that is how dedicated I am to showing you dear reader how to crochet. 

From the picture you can see that I am hold the hook in my right hand like a pencil and I have the working wool (this just means the strand that is attached to the ball of wool) held between my index finger and middle finger. 

I love crochet.

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