Tuesday, 12 February 2013



Recently we celebrated Chinese New Year and 2013 is the year of the snake.

I think snakes have an unjust reputation and quite frankly I blame the Bible and The Jungle Book.
Now, People even refer to underhand and sly people as  a 'snake in the grass', well this is bang out of order! Snakes are perceived as being sneaky, calculating and mean, in my experience this could not be further from the truth.

As the proud owner of three darling snakes it is my experience that snakes have different personalities and are extremely entertaining pets. In contradicting to the perception of them my snakes and snakes that I have known/met are lazy, friendly and rather dimwitted.

My pets are Teddy the Python, Baby the carpet python and Miss Piggy the western hog nose.

Teddy is rather long and plump he likes to think he can climb but his fat body results in him falling off his perch, he will look around accusingly like it was someone else's fault and then repeat until he's worn himself out.

Miss Piggy being the breed that she is, is a complete diva. She will sigh and huff for attention, a d if not receiving adequate attention she will put all her toys (she loves the cardboard bit from loo rolls) in her water bowl.

Baby has delusions of grandeur, upon escaping from her vivarium we found her curled up in a ball sleeping in my husbands Lego castle. She would not move so the castle had to go inside her vivarium.

See entertaining little personalities. So let me dispel a few snake myths, they are not slimy they are smooth and chilly because they are cold blooded. They rarely make the hiss noise. They stick their tongues out not as an insult or to size you up to eat but because they taste the air because their eye sight is rubbish. I have been bitten more by cats, hamsters and rabbits than snakes,who h so far has been 0 times.

Anyway, in honour of my little lovelies and Chinese New Year I made a crochet snake.

 I love crochet.

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