Wednesday, 13 February 2013



So as I'm sure you have all guessed, I kind of love crocheting. It's become my new addiction, I literally live in a wooly wonderland and one of my favourite things to do is crochet my friends.

Bizarre, I know but I saw a mini person amigurumi on Pinterest and followed the link to the beautiful crochet is for lovers website which gives you a pattern to follow.

I like making them it makes me happy, the friends I have made them for seem to be really taken with their little darling selves so I thought I would share them with you.

Narcissistic as I am I started off by making a mini me.  my rational was that if my attempt at making an amigurumi person with increasing, decreasing and colour changing turned out to be a disaster and I created an ambomination I would have not offended my nearest and dearest.

I thought my first attempt was really rather good, this was reinforced by my husband laughing his head off when he saw it. It is a close resemblance, but as wooly headed as I feel at the moment with a dreadful case of the very rare and very serious woman flu, I promise I am not made of a wool / acrylic blend.

Picking up my crochet hook I began in Ernest making a mini 'perfectionist' just in time for her birthday. Judging by the squeal of delight, I presumed she was smitten.

This progressed on to make a mini hat boy, who drove me to the local hobby craft in order to get the 
right shade of grey for his ever present bobbly hat. The manly snort was the only indication I needed of hat boys inner joy. 

Creating a mini bun head was the next project after having many covetous looks at my mini. This delighted my Grandma no end as I created mini bun head in front of her very eyes. I even added mega lashes to bun head to further resemble her human. 


I love crochet.

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