Monday, 18 February 2013

Magic circle


Most amigurumi that I create begins with a magic circle, this is not a coven of witches (much to my husbands disappointment). Although non crocheters may thing we do use witch craft to create our mini masterpieces. No magic is used when producing crochet.

If only it was that simple, we could have a Mrs Weasley style scarf spell creating cuties when we earn a crust.

A magic circle refers to a crocheted circle that when you pull the yarn tale contracts into a tighter circle. See no magic.

This is the way I do it, it may not look pretty or be perfect but it works for me.

To begin a magic circle, place the end of the yarn in the centre of your palm then whisper hocus pocus!


To begin a magic circle, place the end of the yarn in the centre of your palm, hold it in place with your thumb. Wrap the working yarn (the bit attached to the ball of yarn) around your pointing finger in a clockwise direction. Until it crosses over making an X.

I then use my middle finger and ring fingers as little hooks to hold the working yarn. So my hand looks like a 'rock on' gesture.

Push your crochet hook underneath the X in the yarn on your pointing finger and swoop it down between your pointing finger and middle finger to hook the working yarn. 

Once you have done this pull the loop back through the circle around your pointing finger, so you only have one loop on your hook. Swoop back down between your middle finger and pointing 
finger and grab more working yarn with your hook, if you look at your hook you will have two loops on it, now pull the new loop through the first loop. TaDa! You have created a little stitch! 

I love crochet. Please visit PlanetJune's website and look for tutorials while I attempt to make a video >_< on how I do this.

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