Friday, 15 February 2013



My friend Bip has had a baby and I am incredibly excited to meet the little darling.

Now it will come as no surprise to you dear reader that I am the brody sort. I enjoy crocheting as your first clue. I dream of having an old farmhouse with flag stone floor and wooden beams with a lovely red aga and a Welsh dresser filled with my pottery treasures. It will be filled with a pack of dogs and children and I will have chickens in the garden. I will bake, preserve and make to my hearts content.

This excites me I don't care if people think its outdated. Anti feminist or whatever.

Anyway, I work on a nursery department in a large department store and I adore talking to all the expectant parents and then meeting the babies and watching them grow, I feel like an extended member of their families.

 I adore small people.

I've been nicknamed the baby whisperer on our department, because as you can imagine there is rather a lot of crying and screaming. I have a natural affinity with little humans, my husband would say this is because I am the same mental age. That's just mean. I just love how their imaginations work and the funny things they say as they begin to develop little personalities.

 It is of no surprise then that I am desperate for my own littles. I constantly and consistently nag my husband for babies much to his disparity. He thinks he is too young (I beg to differ). But priorities mean that I need to get my farmhouse and chickens/pack of dogs in a line first. Yes I am aware that the saying is ducks in a row. I am not a complete philistine.

Anyway I digress

Ever since the first picture was uploaded on to Facebook I have been creating him a little crochet gift. I am cordially invited to shake his little hand and introduce myself to him, tomorrow evening.

This is the little amigurumi bear that I have created for the top of his comfort blanket, it is incredibly squishy and very cute. He is just a magic circle with some increasing and decreasing to make a ball shape and two magic circle ears with a face. To this scrumptious little bear I intend on attaching my ever expanding granny square as a comfort blanket. 

If you have never made a granny square I highly recommend watching Ilovedstitching's tutorial on youtube. It is really very good. 

As I am suffering from a cold I will add a picture if the completed present tomorrow, tonight calls for cwtching up in my husbands Ned Stark esque dressing gown and lemsip.

I love crochet.

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