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So we had the craft club coven meeting today, and I successfully taught someone how to create amigurumi from the magic circle. I'm a bit excited by this.

It's all in the stab, slide, grab, pull, grab, pull!

People were having real difficult moving manoeuvring the crochet hook. This is a problem that I had when I first started crocheting. So if you look at the crochet hook the end is pointed and you the end that you stab through holes and the hooked part is the part that you grab the wool with by scooping the wool with the hook facing towards you.

Magic circle in words...

Wrap your yarn around your pointing finger in a clockwise direction so that you have an X with the tail of the yarn is in your palm. Use your thumb to hold this tail out of the way.

When you have got your circle on your finger, slide the crochet hook down your finger from the nail when you have both of the loops from your cross on the hook move the hook up and scoop the working yarn from back to front with the hook facing you. Bring this yarn through the loop on your finger, so you just have one loop on the hook. Scoop more working yarn from back to front with the hook facing you and pull the working yarn through the loop on your hook.

You can now either choose to leave the loop on you finger or wiggle it off and hold it. You slide the crochet hook through the big circle grab working yarn with the crochet hook pull it back through the circle so that you have two loops on your hook. You then grab more working yarn with your hook from front to back and pull this through the loop on your hook. Go on give it a tug. You have now successfully made a stitch on your magic circle. You need to repeat this step another 5 times to get
the foundation for your amigurumi. You will have 6 stitches pull the tail of yarn to make the circle contract.

You will then crochet two single crotchets in each stitch all the way around until you have 12 stitches. You do this by stabbing your crochet hook through the > stitch that looks like the symbol, front and back loop of the stitch, grab yarn with your hook from front to back and pull this through the > you have now made a single crochet. Do two of these single crochet in each > stitch.

When you have twelve stitches, you will want to increase this to 18 stitches by crocheting a single crochet into the first stitch in the round and then crocheting two single crotchets into the second stitch and so on in the 1, 2 pattern repeating this until you have 18.

To increase further you basically, increase the round of stitches by 6 each time. So your next rows will look like this.

1 1 2  to 24 stitches

1 1 1 2 to 30 stitches

1 1 1 1 2 to 36 stitches

1 1 1 1 2 to 42 stitches.

Ta Da.

I am making a youtube account so I can upload videos to this blog.

I love crochet.

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