Monday, 11 February 2013



I make monsters, minis, mallows, fluffies and little's.

These are things I create from free Ravelry patterns and from Pinterest pictures. I can not take any credit for them because I didn't invent the pattern. Fortunately my inexperience and inspiration make them special.

Monsters are little person hand sized and can either be good or bad monsters and are completely a figment of my imagination. They are customisable based on what people like. I got the idea for monsters from pinterst and the pattern from craftyiscool.

Mini's are crotchet people made to look like their human owner, like wooly alter egos. The idea for minis came from crochet is for lovers. Minis are bespoke and resemble individual human owners and as they are handmade each one is one of a kind, like their people!

Mallows are little hand sized marshmallows with faces a bit like monsters but pastel colours and super sweet, much like the confectionary. I do not recommend putting your wooly mallow in hot chocolate.

Little's are toys made for little people this depends on the little owner of the wooly creation, what they like and dislike. Each little is squishy and little hand sized. This can range from baby blankets for prams, balls, comforters and decorative items.

Fluffies are creatures from the depths of my imagination and friends in my wooly wonderland. These range of the everyday pets to the unusual.

I love crochet.

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